20th February 2019

Concrete Cleaning Products for the Residential Homeowner

Concrete cleaning is not necessarily performed on a daily basis. Rather it is a periodic cleaning process for most residential homeowners. Tasks normally occur at intervals, […]
20th February 2019

How to Clean a Commercial Griddle Surface

Clean a Commercial Griddle Surface using GrillMaster Pumice Stones Cleaning materials and methods may differ, however, a clean and sanitary griddle is a universal goal for […]
20th February 2019

Eco-Friendly Oil Stain Removal for your Driveway

Unsightly oil slicks on parking bays and driveways from motorcar engines are quite a common occurrence. The oil settles deep into concrete or asphalts parking surfaces […]
20th February 2019

Concrete Garage Floor and Asphalt Cleaning Tips

It is true: Concrete is susceptible to stains and dirt that requires routine maintenance. Concrete floors found in most workshops and garages will almost always get […]
20th February 2019

Commercial Ovens – Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Between regular service appointments in your restaurant, bakery or other food production establishment, there are certain important tasks that need to be completed. Here are some […]
6th February 2019

Drive Up Degreaser Testimonial by Brian H.

I operated an oil and tire shop for seven years and have used literally thousands of gallons of this stuff. We were required to use DRIVE UP […]
5th February 2019

Drive-Up Super Cleaner Concentrated Degreaser

Use DRIVE UP eco-friendly super cleaner and degreaser on asphalt, concrete, wooden decks, tiles and stone to literally “drive up” oil stains. It removes stubborn stains […]