The bricks shape to flat or curved surfaces - it “grooves” itself to cooking grids. Use with the GrillMaster reusable aluminium grill brick holder for a sure grip and maximum comfort. View and Download GrillMaster MSDS

To clean hard metal and porcelain fire boxes, covers and grill and broiler racks on gas and charcoal barbecues:

  • Wet brick in water
  • Rub the surface to be cleaned with gentle back and forth strokes
  • Grillmaster will shape itself to flat or curved surfaces
  • Wipe cleaned surfaces of residue with a damp cloth
  • Pour or leave liberal amount of cooking oil on warm (not hot) grill plate
  • Sprinkle with generous amount of salt for perfect cleaning
  • Scour in one direction only with the surface of Grillmaster
  • Scour ONLY until all burned food and carbon are removed. Scouring to high polish may remove cure and cause sticking
  • Clean corners with smaller pieces of used Grillmaster
  • Wipe with a clean dry cloth
  • Use Grillmaster aluminium holder to prevent burned fingers
  • To clean your broiler grid, scour in one direction only. Grillmaster Grill Cleaner “grooves” itself to the rods of the grill grid
  • Cleans through abrasive action
  • Always use brick in the presence of water or oil
  • Coat warm but not hot griddle with cooking oil
  • Scour griddle using flat side of stone. Work in one direction
  • To keep oil cure and prevent sticking, clean only carbon and food from griddle
  • Wipe cleaned surface of residue with dry cloth
DO NOT USE on unbaked enamel finishes, plastic coated surfaces and soft or highly polished metals. Some decorator tile and colored porcelain is fragile and may be damaged by abrasive cleaning materials. When in doubt, test a small area before proceeding.