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GrillMaster® Cleaning Brick Holder GM6-8 – Pack of 6
18th February 2019
Grillmaster Medium Pumice Stone Brick box of 12
GrillMaster BBQ & Grill Cleaner Natural Pumice Stone BQ-12 (Medium) – Pack of 12
18th February 2019
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Grillmaster Medium Pumice Stone Brick pack of 3Grillmaster Medium Pumice Stone Brick pack of 3

GrillMaster Grill Cleaning Natural Pumice Stone GM-36 (Medium) – Pack of 3


100% Pumice Stone. Lasts up to 6 times longer!

The GrillMaster Natural Pumice Grill Cleaning Stones clean griddles and grills without removing the cure. The job to remove carbonized food, grease and soot from hard metal and porcelain fireboxes, covers, grill, griddle and broiler racks goes faster and with less effort…and when combined with the GrillMaster Cleaning Brick Holder allows for less burning of fingers! The brick will shape to flat or curved surfaces – it “grooves” itself to cooking grids.

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Product Applications
Charcoal and Gas Barbecues

Hard metal and porcelain fire boxes, covers, grills and broiler racks


Pancake and fry griddles


Unbaked enamel finishes, plastic coated surfaces and soft or highly polished metals. Some decorator tiles and coloured porcelain may be damaged (test a small area before proceeding)

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