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Drive Up Super Cleaner 1 Quart
Drive Up Eco-Friendly Concentrated Degreaser – 1 Quart
24th January 2019
One Clean Biodegradable Kitchen Degreaser
OneClean Concentrated Super Cleaner Degreaser – 1 Quart
24th January 2019
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Drive Up Super Cleaner 1 GallonDrive Up Super Cleaner 1 Gallon

Drive Up Eco-Friendly Concentrated Degreaser – 1 Gal


Remove Oil From Concrete with the Best Green Concrete Cleaner

DriveUp® Super Cleaner is an amazing technological breakthrough that removes motor oil and grease from a variety of surfaces without scrubbing. It is safe to use inside and out due to its 100% eco-friendly, ULTRA SAFE formula. The formula uses a unique blend of surfactants that aggressively remove petroleum, grease, and carbon by encapsulating the contaminant, which allows water to easily remove it from any surface – all while not damaging the environment, your landscaping or polluting water supplies.

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More Information
  • A multi purpose, non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-flammable and 100% biodegradable green cleaning product
  • Removes tough oil stains from concrete and asphalt. Great for take out drive-through areas and gas stations
  • Cleans without harming your landscaping or nearby water supplies. Just spray on and hose or wipe off
  • No smell or no caustic fumes
  • Made in North Carolina, USA
  • Read directions for use – Directions for use included with product.
  • View and download dilution wall chart
  • View and download Material Safety Data Sheet
  • View and download Drive Up product brochure
  • Single Bottle Capacity: 1 gal / 3.79 l / 128 oz
  • Single Bottle Weight: 8.08 lb
  • *This Product meets USDA Performance Standards for (A1), (A4), (A5), and (A8) Type Products
Product Applications

Parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, siding, roofing, dumpster areas, trash receptacles, gas pumps, building exteriors, pool areas, lawn mowers, algae covered items, asphalt, concrete, and wooden decks, industrial equipment

Cooking Equipment

Fryers, stoves, griddles, broilers, microwaves, vent hoods, display cases, toasters, food warmers, BBQ grills, rotisseries, stainless steel equipment


Tile, ceramic, linoleum, porcelain, vinyl, concrete, quarry tile and stone, grout, concrete


Showers, tubs, appliances, laundry pre-soak, counter tops, sinks, microwaves, plastics, and carpet


Engines, tools, tires, underbody, chrome, rubber, mats, and garage floors

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