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Pack of 2 Jumbo Pumie Scouring Brick
US Pumice Jumbo Pumie Scouring Brick – Pack of 2
30th July 2019
12 Pack Poolblok pb-80 concrete cleaner pumice stone
Pool Blok PB-80 Natural Pumice Tile and Concrete Cleaner – Pack of 12
31st July 2019
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Pack of 12 Jumbo Pumie Scouring BrickPack of 12 Jumbo Pumie Scouring Brick

US Pumice Jumbo Pumie Scouring Brick – Pack of 12


Jumbo size natural pumice stone scouring brick for large surface cleaning

Trust the US Pumice Jumbo Pumie heavy duty cleaning aid to clean effortlessly when even strong chemicals wont! Made from 100% pure pumice used by professionals for tough cleaning jobs across various industries. The jumbo size pumice brick is perfect for scouring large surface areas with ease through gentle abrasive action. Scour away rust, stains, mineral deposits, grime, paint, scale, carbon build ups, calcium and lime – you name it! nds.

More Information
  • Also available in: Singles  |   Pack of 2
  • A hard surface abrasive cleaning aid for removing indoor, outdoor, auto and workshop lime, rust, scale and paint, carbon, algae and more
  • Jumbo size for scouring large surface areas quickly
  • Ready to use, reusable and safe for use on many different surfaces
  • Eco-friendly and safe for the environment and water
  • Contains no harsh chemicals and detergents so won’t harm surfaces and is safe for contact with skin and hands
  • Safe for use and storage around children and pets
  • Sealed in plastic with a label insert
  • Product dimensions: 5.75″ x 2 ¾” x 2 ¾” (single brick)
  • Caution: Do not use on soft, highly polished metals, unbaked enamel finishes, glass, fiberglass and other plastics. Some decorator tile and colored porcelain is fragile and may be damaged by abrasive cleaning materials. Test a small area before proceeding.
  • Directions for use: Works best in the presence of a liquid such as water, oil or acid. Wet the brick and rten rub the edge or side on the surface you wish to clean using back and forth strokes. The paste buildup helps to clean and polish. Wash cleaned surface of residue. To clean, hold under water faucet.
Product Applications
Use to clean

Swimming pools, garden and workshop tools, farm equipment, machinery, metal work and piping, tiles, masonry, concrete surfaces, ovens, grills, barbecues, iron cookware, griddles, bathtubs, showers, toilet bowls, stone work, ceramic fixtures and tile, workshops, faucets, drains and more

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