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20th February 2019
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20th February 2019

It is true: Concrete is susceptible to stains and dirt that requires routine maintenance. Concrete floors found in most workshops and garages will almost always get stains. In fact, all surfaces where you store the lawnmower, your chemicals, paint, workshop tools, cars, bicycles etc will be affected.

It is unavoidable and at some point, you will have to tackle the gruely task.

So how do I clean and remove stains from my concrete floors?

The mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate is porous once mixed with cures and water, which causes stains like oil and rust to penetrate down deeply into the concrete. Removing the stain requires something that will ALSO get deep into the concrete in order to encapsulate and drive up the spot.

If debris and dirt continues to accumulate on the surface, it will soon start to trap water. The trapped moisture leaches stains from these organic materials and that is what causes the white, dusty efflorescence.

The most simple solution to keep your concrete floors in immaculate condition is to just sweep regularly, but alas heavy soiling and stains will happen at some point in time. This is when you will need a little more assistance than a broom. To clean the concrete, you will now need to use a cleaning product.

What product should I use to remove concrete stains?

We highly recommend the industrial strength, eco-friendly DRIVE UP Super Cleaner and Degreaser. This groundbreaking product was once only used by large corporations but now it’s available to everyone!

Why do you suggest I use DRIVE UP?

  • It removes grease, motor oil and tough stains and grime from a wide variety of surfaces (not just concrete) effortlessly. Just apply it, let it soak, and rinse it off with water!
  • Due to its eco-friendly, biodegradable green formula it won’t damage or harm your landscaping and wont pollute nearby water supplies
  • It contains no harsh and hazardous chemicals, so it is safe to use with bare inside and outside the home and workshop and requires no safety precautions
  • It releases no caustic fumes or smell
  • Because it’s multipurpose. It eliminates the need to have tons of different cleaning products. DRIVE UP does it all so you can save on cost and storage space.
  • Available in bulk for extra affordability!
  • It’s proudly made in the USA

Buy DRIVE UP online here:

How would I use DRIVE UP to clean my floors?

  • Pour DRIVE UP straight out of the bottle onto heavily soiled floors.
  • For a less soiled floor, mix 2 cups of DRIVE UP to 1 gallon of water
  • You can try varying the mixture depending on how much cleaning power you need and the quality of the surface.
  • Once applied, scrub it into the surface and then let it rest for 1 to 3 hours depending on the type and severity of the dirt. Oil slicks will need to be soaked for a longer time.
  • Scrub the area again and then rinse off thoroughly with water.